A testimony of faith

Hello everyone,

It’s been an incredibly long time since I’ve even thought of this blog. Well, I’ve considered using this blog to document my personal journey… so feel free to leave because I’m not sure I want a lot of people reading it 😂😂. Just kidding… or am I?

Anywho, i think I find my 2019 mantra which is “to live with courage through my trust in god”.

Honestly this whole idea frightens me a little but that’s the whole point.

Before reading who this quote was written by I was a little sceptical. People write quotes like this all the time but where’s the evidence? How am I to be 100% sure that Allah SWT will answer my prayers despite my sins? What if my prayers aren’t answered as a punishment for my sins. It’s really worrying and I think about it often. Then, I looked at who the quote is said by… the prophet PBUH. Wow subhan Allah!

The prophet PBUH had said that Allah will answer our dua’s wether they are for protection /removal from harm, saving you from being lost, and saving you from drought. Ma sha Allah!

In all instances of need Allah will support you if you pray hard enough!

I think this trust reflects he idea of thawakul, the complete trust in Allah to answer all your needs.

At-Tirmidhi, a Hadith quotes the Prophet PBUH saying “supplicants Allah and be confident of being answered”.

I came across someone’s quote, which said that we must have certainty when we pray. Don’t be hesitant when you pray.

I guess the main idea I need to learn is that, if Allah SWT doesn’t answer your dua, he has something better in mind! He is surely the best of planners- and if your dua isn’t answered something better will be happening in sha Allah x


A spider spins its web around its victim. Pity oozes out, seeping through silk threads.

I watch it subconsciously. My mother always told me “don’t look for an escape, build a home.”

The spider isn’t a victim. Neither is the fly. The bird eats the spider, the spider eats the fly.

The bird is the victim. because the man hunts it down. How do I build a home out of land owned by a shooting ground?