If you are one of those people that think Halloween should be exclusively about horror and gore… cool. This post is probably not for you. I am one of the people who think Halloween is a crazy day to dress up as someone else. Even, if said person, is a political statement (shout out anti-Trump costumes circa 2017) or say… a pop culture icon.

So, if your looking for a costume that can be worn on halloween or any other day, look no further.

Costume Idea 1- Maddie Fitzpatrick

This girl is a suite life legend. The reason I chose her, as apposed to London Tipton was because a London outfit could be confused with Paris Hilton, or maybe even Sharpay Evans. (Yes, I thought very deeply about this choice!)

So here goes… you need:

  • A plain blue shirt
  • Green tie
  • Skirt, preferably pleated
  • (Blonde wig optional)

To bring this costume to life, create a “T” label similar to the Tipton logo, using black card and white paint

This will be a real nostalgic pic for the kids of 2000!

Couples Costume- Idea 2 Boy Meets World

This idea is based on THE MOST CUTEST couple of TV- Corey & Topanga. If you hadn’t noticed already, these costumes seem to be following a theme- 90s-2000s pop culture icons!

The boy meets world characters had quite the wardrobe. To re-create the outfits, grab the following:


  • A slightly over sized shirt
  • Loose fitting jeans
  • To literally kill this look: short curly hair and a jacket that has the boy meets world logo pin


  • Over sized jean jacket
  • Dress, preferably of a boho vibe
  • Long hair- crimped or curled

Group costume

Easy! Two words.. spice girls!

Très nineties! Baby & posh spice are an easy look, just pull out a dress- pink or black and add heels. Straighten your hair for Victoria and put it into two space buns for Emma!

For a sporty vibe- pull out a track suit, but the trick to make this more 90s is the makeup! Another easy look to recreate is scary spice. Bring back the power suit! Add a funky tee under neath and some platform shoes. Your good to go!

For Ginger spice, buying a red wig is a necessity. Also, consider buying a Union Jack dress (it may come in handy on a World Cup themed costume: #multipurpose). Done!

I really enjoyed writing this so let me know if you enjoyed reading this! Are you dressing up for a party or trick or treating?

Have fun and stay safe! X

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