A canary screeches across the distant waters. Something, somewhere hears it drowning. and ignores it.

A month passes. The mocking birds echo the canary’s strangled cry. The same water slips it’s way past the threshold, between two countries.

Boundaries are just lines drawn in the sand. water heals all and consumes all. The someone somewhere starts to release a silent tear.

There’s fresh thoughts running through dry blood. The famine is long gone. Now corpses line the battlefield, with venomous appetites.


Halloween Costumes Ideas

If you are one of those people that think Halloween should be exclusively about horror and gore… cool. This post is probably not for you. I am one of the people who think Halloween is a crazy day to dress up as someone else. Even, if said person, is a political statement (shout out anti-Trump costumes circa 2017) or say… a pop culture icon.

So, if your looking for a costume that can be worn on halloween or any other day, look no further.

Costume Idea 1- Maddie Fitzpatrick

This girl is a suite life legend. The reason I chose her, as apposed to London Tipton was because a London outfit could be confused with Paris Hilton, or maybe even Sharpay Evans. (Yes, I thought very deeply about this choice!)

So here goes… you need:

  • A plain blue shirt
  • Green tie
  • Skirt, preferably pleated
  • (Blonde wig optional)

To bring this costume to life, create a “T” label similar to the Tipton logo, using black card and white paint

This will be a real nostalgic pic for the kids of 2000!

Couples Costume- Idea 2 Boy Meets World

This idea is based on THE MOST CUTEST couple of TV- Corey & Topanga. If you hadn’t noticed already, these costumes seem to be following a theme- 90s-2000s pop culture icons!

The boy meets world characters had quite the wardrobe. To re-create the outfits, grab the following:


  • A slightly over sized shirt
  • Loose fitting jeans
  • To literally kill this look: short curly hair and a jacket that has the boy meets world logo pin


  • Over sized jean jacket
  • Dress, preferably of a boho vibe
  • Long hair- crimped or curled

Group costume

Easy! Two words.. spice girls!

Très nineties! Baby & posh spice are an easy look, just pull out a dress- pink or black and add heels. Straighten your hair for Victoria and put it into two space buns for Emma!

For a sporty vibe- pull out a track suit, but the trick to make this more 90s is the makeup! Another easy look to recreate is scary spice. Bring back the power suit! Add a funky tee under neath and some platform shoes. Your good to go!

For Ginger spice, buying a red wig is a necessity. Also, consider buying a Union Jack dress (it may come in handy on a World Cup themed costume: #multipurpose). Done!

I really enjoyed writing this so let me know if you enjoyed reading this! Are you dressing up for a party or trick or treating?

Have fun and stay safe! X